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  1. Additional support information & articles for Pet Tutor®

  2. Affiliate

  3. Can I program Pet Tutor to feed at a time of day?

  4. Can I recharge the feeder batteries?

  5. Can I use any treats in the Pet Tutor®?

  6. Can Pet Tutor work with smartphones?

  7. Connecting phone and feeder

  8. Contact us and phone number

  9. Does the feeder unit jam?

  10. Error on Mac software install

  11. Feeder dispensing too many treats

  12. Feeder not dispensing treats

  13. Feeder Sleep Timer

  14. How can I train over the internet?

  15. How do I replace the batteries in the remote?

  16. How do I wash the brushes?

  17. How long should I charge the remote?

  18. How long will the batteries last?

  19. How many feeders can be controlled from a single remote?

  20. How many remotes can control one feeder?

  21. How many treats will the Pet Tutor® dispense?

  22. I can't get the feeder tube off to clean the brushes.

  23. I have multiple pets can I still use the Pet Tutor®?

  24. I need shorter intervals, can I change the parameters?

  25. Internet training tips and considerations

  26. Internet web based triggering of Pet Tutor®

  27. My dog barks at the Pet Tutor when training has stopped.

  28. My Pet Tutor will not turn off

  29. My remote is "not holding a charge"

  30. My remote is not talking to the feeder. How do I pair the remote and the feeder?

  31. My remote light is not coming on when I press the button.

  32. My remote light is not coming on when I press the button.

  33. My remote shuts off after a couple of minutes

  34. Overriding auto shutoff in Smart Feeder

  35. Pet Tutor Getting Started

  36. Product Registration Form

  37. Recalibration tips for feeder photoeye

  38. Smart Clicker Instructions

  39. Smart Clicker(tm) coin battery life

  40. Smartphone/Tablet Apps (and Computer Software)

  41. Software not connecting

  42. Some unwanted sounds trigger the sound trigger what do I do?

  43. The feeder is not giving me a tone when it dispenses.

  44. The feeder is putting kibble out the back of the floor base.

  45. The remote beeps, but nothing happens

  46. The remote is not activating the feeder from another room.

  47. The remote is not charging.

  48. Timed Interval mode on Generation 3 Pet Tutor

  49. Trouble connecting feeder to phone or tablet

  50. Trouble connecting my Pet Tutor® to the Pet Tutor Blu app

  51. Tutorial Videos

  52. User Manuals and video links (downloads)

  53. What if my pet wants to chew the unit?

  54. What is Pet Tutor®

  55. What is the capacity of the feeder?

  56. What material is the unit made from?

  57. When do I replace the brushes?

  58. Will Pet Tutor detect a dog or person moving?

  59. Will the Pet Tutor work with a smartphone?

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