My remote is "not holding a charge"

After an overnight charge on a good charger the remote will typically last 1 - 2 weeks in average use. If feel the remote is not holding a charge follow the checklist below:

1. Did you press and release button one after unplugging the USB cable from the remote?  This re-enables the sleep timer to prevent battery drain during inactivity.

2. Was the remote charged overnight? At least 8-10 hours on a charger will help ensure a full charge. (but like many rechargeable batteries it is not good to leave it on the charger once it is fully charged)

3. A computer USB port or a phone charger?  Some computers may not be reliable chargers.  A good quality phone type USB charger is a better source for charging.

4. When the remote was connected to the charger did the led on the remote light up and stay on?  If not, the cable or the charger may not be working.  You can use any micro-USB to USB cable to check the cable.

5. Was the remote left in one of the automatic modes such as TILT mode or SOUND trigger mode? In the automatic modes the remote's sleep timer is not active which keeps the remote always ON and drains the battery. Always cancel the TILT or SOUND trigger mode when finished to save the battery. To cancel an automatic mode just press and release any button.

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