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Connecting phone and feeder

Get "Pet Tutor BLU" app and install:
  • Apple(iOS) :  Go to Apple app store.
  • Android : Request pre-release version from Pet Tutor® customer care(Support@PetTutor.Biz)

Connecting "Pet Tutor BLU" app to feeder:
  1. FIRST start the app.
  2. Press Begin Training (the next screen shows Connect Devices at the top)
  3. THEN after you see Connect Devices turn feeder ON.
  4. The feeder ICON will appear with a checkmark on the right--press the gray checkmark. The checkmark should turn green(connected). You may need to: name the feeder, press more than once to get a green checkmark(connected).
  5. Press Start Training
  6. Press Feed and the feeder should trigger a dispense.

Troubleshooting tips:
  • Make sure the phone's Bluetooth is ON in the phone settings.
  • Disconnect a previously connected phone/tablet if you are trying to connect from a 2nd phone/tablet(only one phone or tablet can connect at time).
  • In a rare case another Bluetooth device may conflict with the Pet Tutor app(ex. Bluetooth headset). Just disconnect that other device if this could be the case.
  • If you are having difficulty close the app(stop it from running), turn off the feeder and repeat steps 1-6.
  • Do NOT install "Pet Tutor RT". That is for models shipped before 2018. 
  • Still need help? Contact customer care  Support@PetTutor.Biz

On pages 7-9 are the pictures of how to connect
User Guide --> link

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