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Feeder Sleep Timer

How do I keep my feeder from going to sleep?

The feeder has a built in sleep timer to save the batteries when not in use for a period of 15 minutes.  This will turn off the feeder. To turn it back on just press the power button. 
NOTE: The sleep timer does not apply when the unit is on wall power which means the feeder will stay on 24/7 when on wall power.

Ways to keep the feeder on longer when on batteries.
1. Plug into the wall with the cable and AC Adapter provided with your unit.
2. Use AUTO mode. When dropping a treat at least every 15 mins the sleep timer will reset and the unit will stay.
3. Plug in an external USB 5 volt battery pack (The Anker brand of external battery pack will stay on). This will make the unit act the same as on wall power and the feeder will stay awake.  example -->  link
4. At the factory the sleep timer can be extended upon request(there is no charge for this service) but the unit must be sent back to the factory or the request made before a new unit is shipped. 
NOTE: Extending the sleep timer will reduce the battery life.

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