Error on Mac software install

Q: The software will not install on my Mac.  
A: There could be 2 reasons the software will not install:

1. This is most likely because the version of the Mac system is too old.  The Pet Tutor(r) laptop software
was written to work on Mac OSX version 10.8 or newer.  One fix for this is simply to upgrade the Mac
OS version but be aware this may cause some other programs not work properly and there may 
be charge from Apple to upgrade.

2. The permission set on your Mac will not allow the install. Change the permission as explained here. 
If you see an error message on your Mac change settings as  below.

Apple restricted apps that were not Mac OSX app store apps. To fix this users need to go to the Apple Icon (top left of screen) -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy. Then choose “Allow apps downloaded from Mac App store and identified developers or Anywhere”

Click on the lock icon at the bottom left to make changes

Settings---> instructions

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