Overriding auto shutoff in Smart Feeder

The Pet Tutor® Smart Feeder has a built in feature to save the battery life in the feeder. After 15 mins of no activity the unit goes to sleep. There may be times the user would like to unit to stay awake and this covers those options. 

For timed shut-off (to save battery) all models(Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3) will go to sleep after a period of no activity. 

a. put the unit in AUTO mode so it dispenses a treat every so often...the AUTOmatic activity will keep the unit awake
b. plug it into a wall outlet using the adapter provided...this keeps it on 24/7
c. use a small external rechargeable battery(5 volts USB) such as used with smartphones. You can use the special cable that came with the Pet Tutor to connect the external battery to the feeder.
d. The Smart Feeder sleep timer can be changed but this requires sending the Gen 2 or Gen 3 back to factory for a change. There is no charge to do that but the owner is responsible for shipping.

For direct help contact    Support@PetTutor.Biz 

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