Internet web based triggering of Pet Tutor®

Pet Tutor® is the leading technology in positive training and enrichment field and as such does offer two methods of triggering the feeder via the internet.  

The first method uses the sound trigger in the remote. Just put the remote into sound trigger mode and place the microphone of the remote over the speaker of a computer or other internet connected device in the same room with the feeder. Then using a two way audio/video tool like Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout access the computer remotely over the internet and use your voice (or clicker) to trigger the feeder. 

The second method requires the Pet Tutor® control console software to be running on a computer(Mac or PC) and the remote must be connected via the USB cable. The local computer(where the feeder and dog are located) and the remote device(computer, tablet or smartphone) both must be connected using third party remote desktop control software.  This is the same software a help desk uses to remotely access your computer to help with issues.  There are many remote desktop access packages available but one that we like is TeamViewer. TeamViewer is free for personal use but there is a fee for business use.  The next step is to start-up the Pet Tutor® software on the local computer and select "internet" to display the feed button on the screen.  Get the remote access software started on both the local and remote computer and then you are ready to trigger the feeder by just remotely clicking on the feed button on the screen.

To recap:

Method A: Sound trigger. Remote does NOT need to be connected to the computer just have the mic close to the speaker.
Pros: easier to setup, remote does not need to be connected, only software needed is the two way audio/video package.
Cons. can be sensitive to other sounds, may not work well with some tiny speakers

Method B: Remote desktop control. The remote does need to be connected to the computer and you need to use a third party desktop remote package(ex. TeamViewer).
Pros: can be VERY fast response time(with good internet connection)
Cons: requires 3rd party desktop control software and  Pet Tutor® console, setup more complicated,

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