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Smartphone/Tablet Apps (and Computer Software)

Note: If you purchased a Pet Tutor after November 1, 2016 the software download does NOT apply for you. Your system has Bluetooth and you can find your smartphone or tablet app in the Android or Apple app store.

DO NOT install the COMPUTER(laptop/desktop) software for any package purchased after 2016. YOUR system uses the mobile apps INSTEAD.

If you have an original Pet Tutor without Bluetooth see below:

Pet Tutor® is designed to interface with computers and other smart devices.  Pet Tutor® is supported on both Windows and Mac computers using the "Pet Tutor Control Console" program.  This program will allow you to change many of the parameters in the system such as time between treats on the timer mode or switch between voice and clicker trigger and much more.

Software key:
The software is only included in particular packages and the "Software key" required for this installation can be found in the package with the unit.

Smart Clicker(tm) and Bluetooth models(see App stores):
Smartphone/Tablet Apps: The Pet Tutor Blu(Bluetooth) Apps for Android and iOS can be found in the respective app stores(Apple App Store, Google Play Store). The software found on this page does NOT apply for the smartphone and tablet apps used with the Smart Clicker and Pet Tutor Blu.

Note: When downloading and installing new programs your computer may issue a warning. This is normal operation.
Customer Support Phone:  877-250-2694 (ignore the panting)

Pet Tutor® Control Console Version 0.5

Install for Windows(PC). 


Step 1(Win): Download/Extract Windows Device Driver
a. Please download and extract the following zip file to a folder

click to download--> Windows Pet Tutor Driver Download  (file:

b. After downloading Right-click on the zip file and extract all to the folder

Step 2(Win): Install Windows Device Driver
a. Windows 8 above: Right-click on file "
ccxxxx_usb_cdc" (Setup Information) and select install.
b. Windows 7 does not install drivers with the right click. In this case follow
the steps in this document for Windows 7 --> Optional device driver install

Step 3(Win): Download Pet Tutor Program for Windows

Click to download --> Pet Tutor For Windows (file:

Step 4(Win): Extract installer files
Right-click on extract all to a folder.

Step 5(Win): Run program installer
In the folder used for the installer(in step 4) left-click on   setup.exe to start the installer
(You may see a security warning pop-up. Just click Run)

This may take a few minutes until the Install Wizard for the Pet Tutor pop-up appears.
Then follow the wizard instructions to complete the installation.

Step 6(Win): Connect the remote to the computer USB and turn on the feeder to use the Pet Tutor®  Control Console (Done!)

Install for Apple OS X(Mac)


Step 1(OS X). click to download--> Pet Tutor for OS X (Mac) (file: PetTutor_OSX.pkg)

Step 2(OS X). Once downloaded click on the file "PetTutor_OSX.pkg" to install

Warning message: Some systems may report "...unrecognized developer" click on the "?" and follow the Mac instructions to override the error. Or try this Apple link.

Step 3(OS X). Connect the remote to the computer USB and turn on the feeder to use the Pet Tutor®  Control Console (Done!)

Customer Support Phone:  877-250-2694 (ignore the panting)

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