The remote beeps, but nothing happens

Situation: I push the button on the remote and hear it beep, but no treat is dispensed from the feeder.

First make sure the remote is charged and the feeder is turned on.

The first question you need to answer is : 
  • Does the feeder respond in some way?  i.e. does the feeder beep and does the blue marker light in the brush assembly flash.
Depending on how you answer this question the potential causes are listed below.

1. Out of range.  The range between the remote and the feeder will vary depending on orientation and the environment. When the remote is out of range of the feeder and the remote button is pressed the green indicator light on the remote will come on and stay on for about 10 seconds waiting for a reply from feeder. If no reply from the feeder is detected it will timeout an simple prepare for the next button push. If the feeder does reply that it got the command to dispense a treat the green indicator light on the remote will change from solid on to a slow flash indicating it is ready for the button push.  To eliminate the issue of range stand within 10-20 feet of the feeder and fire it several times from the remote. If this is not successful see on of the other reasons in this article.
2. Feeder batteries are weak.  Just replace the 2 D-cell batteries located on the bottom of the feeder.  Weak batteries can cause the feeder to act erratically.

  • The FEEDER DOES respond(marker light flashes and beep if not muted):
1. IR(Infrared) kibble detector needs re calibration.  
2. Out of treats.  If the feeder is empty it will go into a special cycle with the brushes to try and dispense any remaining treats.  If the unit is empty the unit will finish with an alert beep to indicate it is empty. The remote indicator light will also flash red in this situation.

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